Rare German Gew98 SawBack Bayonet and Scabbard

Rare German Gew98 SawBack Bayonet and Scabbard

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This is a rare First World War issued German Gew98 sawback bayonet and scabbard. Both are marked with the German imperial army acceptance stamps. The scabbard is regimentally marked "B6.R.R.10.140" 6th Baverian Pioneer Battalion Reserve Regiment, 10th Kompanie, weapon number 140. The S84/98aA was first produced in 1908 and was issued to some reserve regiments of the German army but not in large quantities. The S84/98aA was not fully introduced throughout the army before being replaced by the S98/05. It was a conversion of the S71/84 short bayonet for use on the Gew98 rifle having the short blade of the S71/84 but with a replacement pommel/slot attachment to fit the Gew98. It had wooden grips and a small hilt without muzzle ring or quillon. They were issued with the 71/84 steel mounted leather scabbard and came in both sawback and plain variant.

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