Very Rare WWII US M3 Fighting Knife

Very Rare WWII US M3 Fighting Knife

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This is a very rare unique WWII US M3 Fighting Knife. The M3 came into service in 1943 with US forces. The pommel is correctly marked with the US ordnance flaming grenade acceptance stamp. Any visible maker markings have long since worn off from combat use, cleaning and re-sharpening. The leather bands on the handle old deep scares running across the leather. The M8 scabbard is unique with the names Sylvia (Honya) with a love heart between them hand carved by the soldier. On the back of the scabbard are the names of the soldiers who once served with him. Due to the level of wear to this knife its most likely that it also saw service in post WWII US conflicts such as Korea and/or Vietnam. If you are looking for a one a kind WWII US M3 that's definitely seen action then this is the one!

The M3 Trench Knife is often seen in pictures attached to the ankles of members of the 101st Airborne.

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