British Made Muzzle Load Percussion Musket

British Made Muzzle Load Percussion Musket

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This is a British made muzzle load percussion musket, circa mid 1800s. On the under side of the barrel there are British proof house markings. This musket was originally made as a flintlock before being reworked midway through the 19th century to the then new percussion firing action. The stock and fore grip are one piece of solid Walnut. The lock, trigger guard, back strap and stock but plate are all hand engraved with a period floral design. These types of muskets were often used by gentry for game shooting and pest control on "ones" estate or land! The barrel measures 34.5 inches and the bore is around 18mm (12 bore).

This rifle is chambered in an obsolete calibre and can be owned without any form of license. It has a full working action and can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

Legal to own in the UK and is being sold for collection purposes only.

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