Model 1867 Remington rolling block rifle

Model 1867 Remington rolling block rifle

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This is a Model 1867 Remington rolling block rifle manuafctured by Carl Gustafs in 1873. The Remington "Rolling Block" action was, and still is one of best and most robust rifle designs ever made. They are, to coin a phrase, bullet proof!!! Because of this many military powers adopted them, Sweden being one of most well known. Around 225,000 were made and this example is number 20,809th. It still has a crisp tight action and the bore is in great condition.

This rifle is 147 years old and still retains its original wood work and has all visible numbers matching. Chambered in 12.17mm, obsolete calibre and can therefore be owned live without any form of license. The bore is in very good order with strong rifling throughout.

This rifle is being sold as antique collectors item only. It is NOT deactivated in any way.

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