Unique African Box Lock Musket

Unique African Box Lock Musket

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This is a very unusual 19th century African box lock musket. This unique musket is hand crafted and would have been made by a native gunsmith who would often used whatever materials were to hand. Note the improvised but-stock piece made from what looks to be part of an old rubber tyre!  The gun was built using a European barrel, possibly a British one and has a percussion cap fitted to the rear of the barrel. During the 19th century Africa was a very volatile and turbulent place, firearms were often essential to protect and defend ones property as well as being used in skirmishes and colonial conflicts.

The calibre of this musket is estimated to be around .54 bore (13.8mm). The barrel measures 94cm and the overall length is around 132cm. The action is still extremely firm and locks back on half and full cock.

This unique gun would make a super display item.

Chambered in an antique obsolete calibre it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired. No license is required to own or purchase.

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