US Civil War Era Beaumont -Adams M1854 Revolver with Rigby Rammer

US Civil War Era Beaumont -Adams M1854 Revolver with Rigby Rammer

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This is a rare US Civil War Era Beaumont -Adams M1854 double action revolver chambered in .54 bore with Rigby Patent loading arm. The top strap reads "Deane & Son. 30 King William St London Bridge" and the Frame "B.5296 Adams Patent No20831R. The cylinders are matched to the revolver both of which bear the correct period British proofs.

Most Confederate war time purchases are believed to have fallen within the 33,000 to 42,000 serial number range, although it is quite likely that guns produced prior to that range (and imported to America) were used, and in some cases old stock was sold to Confederate speculators, resulting in pistols that were several years old passing through the blockade. Civil War regiments that are known to have carried or been issued Adams Patent revolvers include the 8th PA and 2nd MI cavalry on the US side and the 1st & 5th VA and 5th GA cavalry on the CS side. It is generally assumed that the majority of these guns were 54-bore Beaumont Adams M-1854 pattern revolvers.

In 1854 Adams also patented refinements to his original frame design by adding a sliding frame mounted safety on the right side of the frame and an improved cylinder arbor retaining mechanism as well. The resultant combination of design improvements was manufactured as the Model 1854 revolver, known to most as the Beaumont-Adams revolver. The revolvers were produced directly by Adams as part of his partnership with the London based Deane, Adams & Deane, as well under license by Birmingham makers like Joseph Brazier, Isaac Hollis & Sons. William Tranter also employed Adams solid frame in the production of his revolvers. Upon the dissolution of the Deane, Adams & Deane firm, Adams went to work for the London Armoury Company, and his revolvers were produced there as well from 1857-1858.

While it is difficult to date Adams revolvers from their serial numbers, it is safe to assume that this revolver was probably produced between 1856 to 1857. The Model 1854 frame improvements were not put into production until February of 1855, and London Armoury production started somewhere in the low 17,000 serial number range in late 1856 or early 1857.  The R-suffix to the serial number indicates manufacture by Adams, and later the London Armory Company while Adams was employed there. The gun also bears the B-prefix serial number B.5296 , a reference to Beaumont’s lockwork patent. This additional number was applied to Adams revolvers from mid-1855 through the expiration of the Beaumont patent royalty agreement with Adams circa 1862. The “B number” indicates that this was revolver 5,296th to be produced with the Beaumont patent lockwork.

This historic revolver can be owned live without any form of license. It has a full working action and can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

It is not deactivated in any way and is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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