WWI German, Gewehr Model 1871/84 bolt action rifle

WWI German, Gewehr Model 1871/84 bolt action rifle

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A very impressive Imperial German Army Gewehr Model 1871/84 bolt action rifle, manufactured by Spandau and dated 1886. Marked on the receiver is the Prussian Crown over "FW" (Frederick Wilhelm, King of Prussia) and the Imperial German army acceptance stamps. The model 1871/84 designation signifies that this rifle was upgraded in 1884 with an 8-round tubular magazine within the fore stock that was designed by Alfred Von Kropatschek making this Germany's first repeating rifle. The but stock cap is regimentally marked "3.G.R.5.106" = 3rd Grenadier Infantry Regiment, 5th Kompanie, weapon number 105. This regiment was formed in 1914 and saw extensive service on the Western Front and during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. They also fought in many other battles with the division earning the reputation as one of the best German divisions by Allied intelligence.

Note, the serial number has no letter suffix, meaning this is around rifle number 4794th of that years production.

The rifle is chambered in a massive 11mm, the imperial German army were still utilising these rifles during the First World War and were seen in use as "latch ditched" weapons during the latter stages of WWII.

The rifle comes fitted with an original leather sling.

Chambered in an obsolete calibre this rifle can be owned live without any form of license.

This rifle is being sold as antique collectors item only.

The sling is not included and is not available.

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