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Deactivated Colt Pocket Revolver - Signature Series

Deactivated Colt Pocket Revolver - Signature Series

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A super condition all original Colt  manufactured 1851 Pocket revolver - Signature series, chambered in .31. The "Signature series" represent the finniest in quality and build that Colt could offer. This example features a 4 inch octagonal blued barrel with the companies address. Engraved cylinders walls, also blued. The frame, hammer and loading arm assembly are case hardened. The pistol grip and trigger guard are Nickel plated with Samuel Colt's signature engraved on the back strap, with American solid Walnut grips. Rarely seen in the UK as most were sold to the US market. Included is the original factory fitted and issued Colt presentation box.

Deactivated to current specifications with clear chambers and a tensioned hammer and trigger . The cylinders index when the hammer is pulled back.

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Product Code: 31SG5