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Deactivated RARE WWI French Navy Issued Modele 1892 revolver

Deactivated RARE WWI French Navy Issued Modele 1892 revolver

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This is a great condition WWI Navy issued French Modele 1892 revolver chambered in 8mm. It was the standard issue sidearm for officers in the French military during the First World War. They are very robust and reliable revolvers and were used by the French throughout WWI, many seeing action again in WWII with members of the French resistance and FFI - French Forces of the Interior.  It was the first  European revolver to incorporate a swing-out cylinder that assisted rapid reloading. The modele 1892 is often incorrectly referred to as a "Lebel" revolver. This example dates to 1896 as the year of manufacture and was made at the St. Etienne arsenal. On the base of the grip is and anchor the French Navy acceptance mark. A total of 350,000 were made from 1892 until 1924, however the French Navy received very few in comparision with an estimated 15,000 issued of which have the years of manufacture from 1895,1896,1899,1900,1903 and 1904. During WWI the French Navy played a significant role in operations in the Mediterranean, supporting the Gallipoli campaign and played an important role in countering Germany's U-Boats.

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