Deactivated RARE WWII Rifle C No.7 MKI .22 Rifle

Deactivated RARE WWII Rifle C No.7 MKI .22 Rifle

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This is a rare find, a WWII dated Lee Enfield "Rifle C No.7 MKI" chambered in .22. This rare variant of No4 rifle was only produced by Long Branch from 1944 until 1946 with an estimated 20,000 ever made. This one is a very early first year of production example. Serial numbers started with 0L0001, this rifle is number 0L2781 meaning it is rifle number 2,781st. The magazine well has a bespoke wooden infill piece and a unique feed ram for manually loading a .22 rounds. Both can be removed and standard No4 magazine fitted if required. The standard rear sights have been replaced with Parker Hale PH5C peep hole sights and the front sight with PH FS22B. This rifle would have been used to train new recruits in all aspects of marksmanship and general handling skills of a bolt action rifle prior to leaving for active service during WWII. This rifle would have been handled and fired by hundreds if not thousands of Allied troops whilst in military service!!! 

Deactivated to current specifcations with a moving bolt and trigger. 

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