Deactivated Very Rare Webley R.I.C. .450 Revolver

Deactivated Very Rare Webley R.I.C. .450 Revolver

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This is a very rare plated Webley R.I.C. revolver chambered in .450. The top strap is marked with the retailers name "Treacher & Co , Bombay". It has British proof stamps and would have exported for sale in India. It would have been purchased by a member of the British aristocracy whilst India was under British Governance and used as their personal sidearm. Still in superb condition with over 95% of its original factory plated finish and unblemished Walnut grips. It has five dummy 450 rounds permanently fitted in the cylinders to simulate being loaded. This revolver is missing a few internal parts and will only cock when manually pulling the hammer back. This is reflected in the price. Deactivated with moving parts it comes with an EU/UK certificate of deactivation.***RESERVED***

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