Deactivated WWI & WWII Gew98 / Turkish Mauser

Deactivated WWI & WWII Gew98 / Turkish Mauser

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This is an early WWII Turkish Mauser rifle dated 1937 with all visible numbers matching. This particular example was originally a First World War manufactured Imperial German Army issued Gew98 that was supplied to the Ottoman Empire of which Turkey was member of during WWI. Turkey formally entered into WW1 in October 1914 siding with Germany and the Central Powers. The Turks reconfigured the German Gew98s modifying barrels, the rear sights and wood work. All of the German markings were normally scrubbed off and the Turkish markings then added, however this example still bears the original WW1 German designation "Gew98" and Imperial acceptance proof stamps. The floor plate assemble and but stock plate are also stamped with imperial German markings.

Ironically this rifle was used against the Allies during WWI and then in support of them in WWII. For the majority of the Second World War Turkey remained neutral, but eventually sided with Allies in early 1945.

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