Deactivated WWI & WWII Russian Mosin Nagant M91 Rifle

Deactivated WWI & WWII Russian Mosin Nagant M91 Rifle

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This is a very rare First World War Russian Mosin Nagant M91 rifle that was captured during WWI by German forces and was then subsequently re-issued. Dated 1916 it was manufactured in Russia by the Tula arsenal. During WWI this particular rifle was captured during action by the Germans. Once in their ownership it was marked with the Imperial German "Deutsches Reich" property mark. This stamp is located on the stock next to the original Russian Tula roundal. These captured rifles were called "Beutegewehr" (captured rifle). The number 7 stamped on the upper part of the butt stock plate, is that of the German repair depot and below this, is the armorers personal mark the letter stamp "X". These depots were located very close the front lines during the Great War making it easier to transport damaged and captured weapons to and fro. Repaired rifles were only sent to front line troops, proving that this rifle actually saw active service during WW1, and on more than one occasion with both Russian and German forces!!!

Note; the Germanic serial numbers on the serial numbers that were struck out by the armorer whilst repairing it.

However, if that wasn't enough this rifle was in service again during WWII! The receiver is marked with the initials "SA" , this property stamp was applied to weapons captured by Finnish forces. Captured Russian rifles were often subject to modifications by the Finn's, which can be seen on this example, i.e the sling hoops, rear sight and barrel bands. Interestingly the original wood work has remained unaltered.

A truly fascinating rifle used in both world wars.

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