Deactivated WWII D-Day Era US M1 Garand Rifle with accessories

Deactivated WWII D-Day Era US M1 Garand Rifle with accessories

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This is a surperb WWII US M1 Garand rifle with accessories. It was made in June 1943 by Winchester in preparation for the D-Day landings of June 1944. The rear sight still has its adjusters, often missing and the barrel is wartime dated, many were rebarreled in the 1950s. The woodwork bears many wartime blemishes and is correctly marked with the US military "P" ordnance stamp. Accompanying this rifle is a rare WWI dated leather sling and a very scarce long bladed (unmodified) 1942 dated M1905 pattern bayonet made by American Fork & Hoe (AFH) with correct scabbard, plus a clip with wartime dated .3006 rounds. A fantastic set!

No single small arm is more closely identified with the U.S. World War II infantryman than the rifle sometimes called "the last true butt stroker." The M-1 Garand's sturdy, 10-pound stock- unlike those of its successors-was heavy enough to deliver a lethal blow to an adversary. During WWII Japanese forces whilst engaging US troops armed with Garands came to recognise the distinctive metalic sound made by the Granads clip popping out after finishing a clip of ammo. On hearing this sound they would then charge or engage the US riflemen. The US soldiers soon cottoned on to this and would instead drop an empty clip fooling the Japanese soldiers into thinking he was out of ammo and reloading.

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