Deactivated WWII era FN M1930 - Mauser K98

Deactivated WWII era FN M1930 - Mauser K98

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This is a pre WWII Belgium made M1930 rifle (derivative of the Mauser 98) chambered in 7.92mm. The rifle has no clear date stamp however one indicator is the text font on the side of the receiver which indicates pre-war build. The lower case ‘de’ in the San Serif font means that it cannot have been built before 1937/38 as ‘DE’ was used prior to this year. These rifles share many similarities with the WWII German K98s, the most visual difference being the upper woodwork and rear sight. After Nazi Germany invaded Belgium in May 1940 they made good use of the captured weapons issuing them to their own forces. The M1930 was ideally suited for this being chambered in the same 7.92mm calibre as the Nazi K98.

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