Deactivated WWII French MAS36 Rifle

Deactivated WWII French MAS36 Rifle

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This is a WWII French MAS Mle.1936 (MAS-36) rifle with matching bolt and wood work. It was manufactured by Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne (MAS) and was officially adopted by the French military in 1936. The serial number dates this rifle to between late 1939 early 1940, just a few months before Germany invaded (May 1940). There looks to have been some sort of ownership marking that has been machined off by the serial number, if captured possibly Germany? This type of marking removal is sometimes referred to as "sanitized", whereby Nazi marked weapons had the ownership stamps machined off before being re-issued. We do know that this rifle was discovered in Africa after WWII and brought back to the UK. There is a name scratched into the right hand side of the foregrip.

The MAS36 were used during WW2 with most only being issued to front line units whilst reservists were issued the older Berthier and Lebel carbines and rifles. Often seen in the hand of the French resistant and partisans, German troops were also seen armed with the MAS36.

A very interesting and well traveled rifle it is being sold a project and is missing a few parts.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt.

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