Deactivated WWII Hispano MKII 20mm Cannon

Deactivated WWII Hispano MKII 20mm Cannon

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Deactivated WWII Battle of Britain Hispano-Suiza HS 404 MKII 20mm cannon with broad arrow markings. This example was recovered from the English channel and is believed to be from a British Fighter that crashed during WWII. The HS 404 MKII first entered service in 1941 and was fitted to a variety of British aircraft including the Spitfire, Hurricane, Westland Whirlwind and Bristol Beaufighter to name a few, and became the standard armament replacing the Browning .303 machine guns. Still in remarkable good condition with good clear markings. Deactivated with a working action and full moving parts. It can be cocked and stripped. It will dry fire but requires specialist equipment as it was pneumatically driven when fitted to aircraft.

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