Deactivated WWII SMLE No1 MKIII, dated 1940 (Dunkirk Era)

Deactivated WWII SMLE No1 MKIII, dated 1940 (Dunkirk Era)

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This is an early WWII SMLE No1 MKIII, dated 1940 (Dunkirk Era). Manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA Co) with magazine cut off plate. Note this rifle was not upgraded to a MKIII*, most were. With the outbreak of WWII the British military soon realised a huge shortage in serviceable rifles. Although during the inter war years various new designs and improvements had been trialed, it soon became apparent that the manufacture of the trusty SMLE was the easiest short term fix. These rifles were some of the first to see action early in 1940 during the Allies attempt to halt the German invasion of France with many of these rifle being abandoned on the beaches of Dunkirk after the mass evacuation back to Britain. Rifles that returned were soon back in action being redeployed on all fronts throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

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