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Deactivated WWII US M1 Carbine by Rock Ola

Deactivated WWII US M1 Carbine by Rock Ola

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This is one of rarest of the Second World War US M1 Carbine manufactures. Rock Ola produced the least of all the prime contractors during WWII making just 228,500 guns. This example is from their first batch produced between November 1942 to November 1943. Serial numbers ran from 1662520 to 1762519 with this example being number 1721787 meaning it is gun number 59,267th. This early example still retains the correct flip over peep hole rear sights and its original barrel. The woodwork is the rare Type 1 which is most easily identified by the oiler cut out in the shape of the letter I. The stock was also cut away differently on the charging handle side. Both carbine and woodwork look to be in original condition with even wear throughout.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving trigger and working safety lever. The charging handle can be held in the safe position and will return under spring presure.


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