Deactivated WWII US Navy Smith & Wesson M&P .38 Revolver

Deactivated WWII US Navy Smith & Wesson M&P .38 Revolver

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This is a fabulous condition WWII US Navy Smith & Wesson M&P .38 revolver. Marked of the top strap with the US flaming grenade followed by "US Property" and the inspector of ordnance "GHD" = Guy H Drewry . The serial number dates this revolver to early 1944 as the year of manufacture. We've included supporting documented litrature that identifies that this S&W chambered in .38 Special was assigned to the US Navy. The top strap has the correct property stampings and its the correct calibre with longer than normal barrel length compared with Lend Lease S&W .38 revolvers. Post war it was sold into the civilan market and has had a set of despoke pearloid grips fitted that present beatifully contrasting against the deep blued crisp finish. A real stunner!

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