Deactivated WWII US Thompson M1A1

Deactivated WWII US Thompson M1A1

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This is a WWII Auto Ordnance manufactured Thompson M1 Submachine Gun. It is marked with the US inspectors initials FJA (Colonel Frank J. Atwood), GEG within a circle acceptance stamp of Auto-Ordnance’s civilian inspector George E. Goll, and the US crossed cannons military acceptance stamps. The M1 was first issued during 1943, before being superseded by the M1A1, and was used by American and Allied troops. Chambered in .45, it could fire over 600 rounds per minute and was feared by German troops. On its return to the US this M1 was arsenal reworked by Rock Island Arsenal and marked according with the initials RIA. A good indication of service use.

This great example comes fitted with and original 30 round stick magazine containing 3 inert .45 rounds and sling. Deactivated to current specifications with tensioned cocking lever that will return under spring pressure and moving trigger.

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