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Deactivated WWII Vickers Machine Gun marked to the Royal Artillery

Deactivated WWII Vickers Machine Gun marked to the Royal Artillery

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This is a very scarce 1918 dated Vickers MKI machinegun. Manufactured at the Vickers, Erith, Kent factory in late 1918 it is one of only 1,260 ever made! The K series guns were only produced from October 1918 until March 1919.
Unlike the majority of Vickers guns this example has a very rare set of markings that provide a valuable insight to the guns movements during its service life. The initials "R.A. 9 .37" are believed to be an abbreviation for Royal Artillery September 1937 when the gun was put back into service. These markings have been over stamped on top of the previous markings that look to have been "R.A. 6 .35". The gun has definitely seen active service with two bullet or shrapnal strikes to the barrel jacket. The top of the jacket is also peppered with battle damage impact marks as well. The additional stamps to the right of the front sight may indicate that it was also in service with the coloniel forces in India? Elements of the Royal Artillery were first involved in France in 1939 with the B.E.F. and throughout WW2 seeing extensive service in Europe fighting the Axis forces. This gun may well have also been used in Africa and Burma fighting the Nazi forces and Japanese. If only this Vickers could talk!!!

The gun is mounted on a 1937 dated cradle with matching numbers tripod with its the majority of its wartime paint. This rare Vickers would make an impressive centre-piece to any WWI or WWII collection.

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