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W.W. Greener, Birmingham No3 fencing musket

W.W. Greener, Birmingham No3 fencing musket

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This is a rare W.W. Greener, Birmingham No3 fencing musket, with broad arrow acceptance stamp. It is in good original condition but unlike the vast majority this one is dated 1946. Most are usually First World War dated. They are known to have continued in service after the Great war. We can assume that the British military still saw that there was a requirement for their use after WWII.

Their primary use was to train soldiers and recruits hand to hand combat during the First World War. The plunger at the end is sprung loaded and retracts when pushed. It was deemed safer to train with this and avoid accidental injury from a real bayonet. The overall dimensions represent that of a SMLE with bayonet fitted, the standard issued rifle of the day. This one is in good working order.

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