WWIIDeactivated WWII Italian Casteli revolver

WWIIDeactivated WWII Italian Casteli revolver

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This is a WWII Italian Casteli revolver with a very low serial number of just 19. The frame bears what are believed to be weapon numbers 8686 and the date stamp of 1925. Chambered in a mighty 10.6mm with a clever folding trigger arrangement that locks into the frame. These revolvers were carried by Italian infantry units during WWI, and were issued largely to officers and senior NCOs. Italy's first world war effort is often over looked and some what forgotten, but they did take part during WW1. They originally sided with German but decided to sign the Treaty of London and then sided with Britain, France and Russia, entering the Great war in 1915. Ironically these revolvers were also used by Italian forces during the Second World War against the nations they fought along side in the First . A revolver that can be in both an Allied or Axis collection.

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