Deactivated Pre WWII Nazi K98 dated 1935

Deactivated Pre WWII Nazi K98 dated 1935

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This is a rare early production Mauser made K98. The S/42G coding was only used by Mauser for one year 1935, the second year of K98 production. The total production for 1935 was only an estimated 193,000 rifles. They were supplied to the German army, navy and airforces with the known serial number range from 3526 to 2335s. Very few of these now exist and they are seldom seen. Of considerable interest is these early carbines would have been used during the many military parades and Nazi proper gander films as well as seeing military action. Early proofing stamps differ from all later K98s and are in a box with either “S92”, “K185”, and “K176” within. These secret codes were used by the Nazis during the pre WWII militarization and re armament build-up.

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