Deactivated RARE Mauser Banner Nazi PO8 Luger

Deactivated RARE Mauser Banner Nazi PO8 Luger

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One of the rarest Lugers of the Second World War, they are often referred to as the "Mauser Banner" Lugers. Originally produced in 1940 for the commercial markets this one was instead diverted for Nazi use. Very few were produced in 1940, the general consensus being less than a 1000. During WWII production there was a constant demand for pistols. On rare occasions to fulfill a shortfall, commercial pistols would be used. On this example all visible numbers are matching and the serial number is only three digits without a letter suffix. A very rare and desirable Nazi Luger. It is fitted with wartime wooden grips and a Nazi marked magazine. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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