Deactivated Very Rare Early Production Walther PPK

Deactivated Very Rare Early Production Walther PPK

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This is a very early production Walther PPK. Some of the very earliest recorded PPKs serial numbers are around the 759,000 range, this example is serial number 766,532. That places this pistol at 1930 production and is from one of the very first batches made. It is well documented that in 1929 Walther starting production of the PP pistol starting with serial number 750,001, you'd assume they would have done the same with the PPK, but they didn't. Experts have varying opinions on the very first serial numbered PPK but somewhere around 759,000 is considered fairly accurate. As time passes very occasionally early previously unseen and undocumented examples appear, this being one of those pistols. It is has the correct early 90 degree safety and proof stamp (Crown over N). The original slide markings have gone and it is fitted with bespoke one piece solid wood grips. The magazine is of the correct type and period that was fitted. Note the serial number runs up and not down, again only seen on very early PPKs. Very few of these pistol exist and are very rarely seen. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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