Deactivated Very Rare PO8 Luger Model 1906

Deactivated Very Rare PO8 Luger Model 1906

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This is a very rare DWM PO8 Luger model 1906 with early grip safety. Production if this model only ran from 1906 to 1912. During this period only 4,000 were ever made, on average that's less than 600 a year being produced! The known serial number range is from 26500 to 68000. This example is number 43071. Dating it based on the yearly average production this Luger dates to around 1909 to 1910. It bears the correct early German proof stamps and is all matching numbers. We believe that this pistol was issued, on the side plate of the frame is what looks to be a police of army unit / regiment stamps. Just visible are the numbers " 1 and 4"  with some very faint letters to the left of them.

If you collect Lugers then this is a must have example. Very few now exit with only handful deactivated in the UK.

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