Deactivated WWI / Weimar Police issued PO8 Luger.

Deactivated  WWI / Weimar Police issued PO8 Luger.

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This is a fascinating WWI / Weimar Police issued PO8 Luger. The pistol was originally made during WWI by Erfurt and bears thier wartime inspection / acceptance stamps. Directly after WWI, and under the watchful eyes of the Allies, Germany was permitted to arm its newly formed police units and forces. Many of these units were armed with WWI reworked Lugers that had the addition of a sear safety to prevent accidental discharge. The two holes on the slide/receiver are where the sear safety bar was located. Whilst in service some of these Lugers were put back into standard configuration as it was deemed unnecessary especially for frontline soldiers. Reworked Lugers can be found with various markings removed and additional proof stamps, often being rebuilt using existing spares and useable parts. For example on this pistol the receiver markings and Imperial proof stamps have been removed and additional proofs - crown over U stamps applied by the serial number. This proof stamp was used by both DWM & Mauser on reworked Lugers from 1930 to 1933 and by Mauser again from 1930 until 1942. Note the armourers repair to the left side of frame, a very good indication that this pistol saw active service. Deactivated with a working action.

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