Deactivated WWI PO8 Luger Rig

Deactivated WWI PO8 Luger Rig

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This is a fabulous example of a First World War issued German officers / NCO's PO8 Luger rig. The pistol was made at the Erfurt Arsenal in 1916 and retains its original factory finish, straw blued parts and matching grips. All visible numbers are matching with the exception of the magazine which is the correct type and period correct. The 1916 dated holster was made by C Weiss. Braunschweig who continued to produce holsters for the Nazis during WWII. Under the flap is the initials  "BAIII", this stands for the Bekleidungs Ampt (equipment issue) for the Third Army Corps of the Imperial German Army. Included is a WWI battle damaged spare magazine (still in full working order) and take down tool. A superb set. Deactivated with a working action

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