Deactivated WWII German K43 Rifle

Deactivated WWII German K43 Rifle

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This is a rare WWII Nazi K43 semi automatic rifle. This example was manufactured in 1945 by Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik under secret makers code "qve" and has the correct Waffen acceptance stamp Eagle over 214. This code was only used in 1945 by BLM and was the final year of manufacture. The serial number suffix also confirms that this rifle was produced in early 1945. That year they only produced an estimated 156,000 rifles. This example would have been put been straight in service as Allied forces advanced towards Berlin. It comes fitted with the correct late war magazine and a numbered cleaning rod.

The G43 & K43 models were produced to compete with the American M1 Garand and Russian SVT40 semi automatic rifles. It proved to be a very effective weapon and could easily out perform the and ageing German K98 and most other bolt action rifles in service. Fortunately for Allied forces it was introduced to late on in the war with only limited numbers issued before the war ended. A very rare and desirable German rifle.

Of considerable interest the Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik factory was captured by British forces in early May 1945.

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