Deactivated WWII German M1934 Flare Pistol

Deactivated WWII German M1934 Flare Pistol

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This is a WWII German military issued Leuchtpistole Model 34 that is one of the more scarce variants. This example was originally intended for the commercial market but was instead diverted for Nazi military use. It bears the Walther banner address script and has no date stamp or secret Nazi makers codes. However next to the proof stamps there is the Walther Wehrmacht (Army) acceptance stamp Eagle over 359. This was only applied to German military issued weapons. The proof stamps ; Eagle over an upside down heart with a fir tree within is the civilian test proof approval mark and was introduced in 1940. Only small quantities of commercial guns were seconded in this manner.

This particular example has just been discovered whilst clearing a relatives property and is believed to have been brought back as war trophy. The pistols is completely original with matching numbers and its factory wartime finish and Bakelite grips.

Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

The item is available and is at the proof house being certificated.

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