Deactivated WWII German MG34

Deactivated WWII German MG34

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This is a WWII Nazi MG34 Light Machine Gun. Maschinengewehr-34 (Machine gun, model of 1934) The MG-34 was designed in the early 1930s and saw service with the German army until the end of the second world war. It was an outstanding weapon, well finished and manufactured to tight tolerances, this however become its drawback being too expensive and too slow to manufacture, it therefore was not suited for mass wartime production, and although they continued being made until the end of the war, its cheaper and faster to manufacture cousin the MG42 took over. This example was made in 1944 by Waffenwerke Brunn and has the corret Nazi WaA stamps Eagle over 63. It has matching numbers and it's original wartime finish. The serial number 4138b falls within the allocated serial ranges used that year.

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