Deactivated WWII Japanese Nambu Type 94 Pistol

Deactivated WWII Japanese Nambu Type 94 Pistol

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A Second World War Japanese Imperial Army,  Nambu Type 94 pistol. It was manufactured at the Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company, and is one of only 71,200 Type 94 pistols produced during the war. Production started in 1935 and ended when Japan surrendered in 1945. This example, unlikely any other we have encountered is fitted with a very usual magazine conversion. It is a modified Luger magazine. Owing to the unique design of the Type 94 no other magazine is compatible. The magazine has been shortened and is a very good fit and is also far easier to remove from the pistol than an original.

This pistol dates to February 1944 production when Japan was under attack and invasion from the US. It has the characteristic late war finish with its original black plastic grips.

In February 1944, following their success in the Marshall Islands, the US struck at Japan's naval base at Truk – Japan's "Gibraltar of the Pacific." Truk had been Japan's main base in the South Pacific. Operation Hailstone, executed by the United States in 1944, destroyed 12 Japanese warships, 32 merchant ships and 249 aircraft.

The Type 94 was very popular among Japanese troops and by all accounts due to it's smaller size and weight, was predominantly issued to Japanese officers. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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