Deactivated WWII Spree Werk P38

Deactivated WWII Spree Werk P38

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This is a matching numbers, WWII Nazi P38 that was manufactured by Spree Werk (makers code cyq). CYQ (Spreewerk) P38s were not date stamped, but instead are dated from the letter suffix. The serial number 6654X is from a batch produced in December 1944, just a few months before the factory was captured. It has matching numbers to frame, slide and barrel, with the correct Nazi Waffen code Eagle over 88. The asterisk on the barrel next to the "B i" letters denoted that this barrel was rejected once before being accepted. Even at this late stage of the war German quality control continued! The magazine is the corect type issued with late war CYQ pistols. Spree Werk only produced around 283,000 P38s from 1942 to 1945, the fewest of the three manufacturers contracted to produce this model during the war. Late war German guns were issued to all branches of the Nazi regime including children and men who were either too old or sick to fight in the regular army.

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