Just Arrived, Deactivated RARE WWII Engraved Walther PPK Pistol

Just Arrived, Deactivated RARE WWII Engraved Walther PPK Pistol

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This is a rare engraved WWII Nazi Walther PPK. On the left hand side of the frame below the magazine release button engraved are the initials "FS" .This looks to have been done in the factory. The original bluing which has thinned and worn evenly would strongly supports this. Senior Nazi officials were known to have pistols personalised in this way when privately purchasing their sidearm. We can confidently presume he was a man of considerable rank, or possibly a person of standing within the community. During WWII the Nazis had strict guns-laws imposed on Europeans, with only selected citizens being allowed to have firearms. Another very unusual feature is the numbers on slide and frame. Both sets of numbers fall within the known serial number ranges of SS issued PPKs. Owing to the small amounts of PPKs produced and allocated to the SS the odds this happening do further support this being an SS officers personal sidearm and a very unique pistol. It is fitted with original wartime grips and magazine. A very intriguing PPK!!!

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