Rare DWM Long Barrel Commercial Luger

Rare DWM Long Barrel Commercial Luger

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Rare DWM "commercial " long barrel Luger. Unlike military Lugers, there is no production year stamped into the top of the front receiver ring. DWM commercial model Lugers usually lacked this date and last two Serial number digits on each part in the military "exposed" manner. Lugers assembled for commercial sale in the early 1920's from surplus military parts usually had the date (if any) removed before final polishing and finishing. The barrel is 6inches (150mm) long and is an early type which were thinner than later ones. This is characteristic of a commercial Luger of the period. These pistols are one of rarest Luger's with many being converted, having standard shorter barrels fitted either after WWI under the Treaty of Versailles or for WWII with military 4" barrels. Fitted with correct wooden based magazine. Rarely seen in the UK it is a must have for the Luger collector. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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