Just Arrived, A superb Deactivated Collection of WWI & WWII Firearms

Just Arrived, A superb Deactivated Collection of WWI & WWII Firearms

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We have just taken delivery of a superb selection of historic first and second world war guns.


PO8 Luger DWM 1915 with Nazi S/42 toggle - converted Artillery Luger
PO8 Luger DWM 1917 all matching numbers, Reworked Police issued Eagle 6 (Simpson).***SOLD***
PO8 Artillery Luger DWM 1917 all matching number. Regimentally marked 184.R.3 - 184th Infantry Reg 3rd Kompany.
PO8 Luger byf 41 all matching numbers
PO8 Luger Mauser 1937 all matching numbers
Walther PPK
Mauser P38 byf 44
Mauser C96 Shnellfeuer***SOLD***
Mauser C96 Bolo***SOLD***


Webley MK6 dated 1918 all matching numbers***SOLD***
Colt 1911 Government Model
Colt New Service .455 Eley Revolver - British issued, 1915 production
Webely MK4 revolver- war finish- number 628th of 1941 production****SOLD****
Thompson M1928**SOLD***
Thompson M1A1
Berridge No5 Flare pistol
SMLE BSA 1918 with matching bolt

*****Obsolete Calibre*******

Martini Henry MK4 1887 - regimentally marked ***SOLD***


Thompson machine gun leather pouches***RESERVED***
Luger holster
WWI regimantally marked G98 / K98 leather frog.
SMLE 1907 pattern bayonet & scabbard
SMLE 1907 pattern leather frog dates 1915
RARE Lithgow 1907 Pattern Bayonet issued to the 3rd Military District (3MD)

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