Deactivated Clandestine Ops Uzi Submachinegun with Dummy Silencer

Deactivated Clandestine Ops Uzi Submachinegun with Dummy Silencer

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This is believed to be a clandestine Uzi submachine gun that was used by special forces. There is no evidence on the receiver of any maker markings or of there ever being any markings. This would indicate that it was made this way and that it was not for general military issue. Another very obvious visual feature are the markings on the trigger assembly and top cover which have both been deliberately defaced in an attempt to hide their true identity. The gun has two matching numbers 20032 and what looks to be a rack number of 22 hand written in white paint on the under side of the receiver. The previous owner, who himself was ex British forces, and who had reserched this particular Uzi had concluded that it was most likely used by special forces units based in Africa?

Deactivated to current specifcations with a dummy bolt that can be cocked and will hold back and can be released under spring tension. Included is a realistic metal dummy silencer and inert 9mm rounds.

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