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Deactivated Hakim Semi Automatic Rifle

Deactivated Hakim Semi Automatic Rifle

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This is a near mint condition Egyptian Hakim Semi Automatic Rifle. It is based on the WWII Swedish military AG-42 Ljungman semi automatic rifle. The tooling and design was sold to Egypt, and the Hakim was produced by them during the 1950s and early 1960s. The calibre was changed to 7.92mm (8x57) to fire the surplus WWII German ammunition in the Egyptian arsenals. As a military weapon very few were made, around 70,000. It has a distinctive muzzle brake designed to reduce recoil that will also accommodate the Swedish Carl Gustav M1896 Bayonet. The cocking action is also unique, the top cover slides forward andf over the bolt and carrier before returning and then releasing therm to fire. A great looking military rifle of which very few are encountered here in the UK, and a  truly stunning example!

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