Deactivated Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine.

Deactivated Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine.

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An all matching numbers Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine. This particular carbine is from the penultimate years production. First produced in 1944 for the Second World War, the No5 was phased out in 1947. In terms of numbers made, it was very small with only 251,000 carbines completed. Only two companies manufactured them, BSA and ROF Fazakerely, this one being made by Royal Ordnance Factory, Fazakerely in February 1946 (2/46) and is one of only 169,807 made by them. It has all matching numbers with bolt and wood work carrying the same numbers. Very few were made in 1946, most were made for the war. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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