Deactivated Russian Dragunov SVDS Paratrooper rifle

Deactivated Russian Dragunov SVDS Paratrooper rifle

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This is a great opportunity to own a Russian made Dragunov SVDS Paratrooper rifle with sniper scope and folding bipod. The SVDS features a black fiberglass-reinforced polyamide hand-guards, pistol grip and butt stock-end. The folding stock has an adjustable cheek piece. The scope is in perfect working order with good clear optics.

This example was made in-house, at the Izhmash Zavod factory from newly manufactured parts and as such these parts, the receiver, barrel & bolt bear no proof markings as they have never been used in a firearm and are incapable of being used as firearms parts. Therefore, under current UK laws it is NOT classified as a firearm and can be legally sold.

It can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

The rifle comes with its original box, spare magazine, manual, paper work, tools and inert rounds.

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Product Code: 1SVQ7