WW1 German M1916 \\\"Stalhelm\\\" Helmet with British Brodie Liner

WW1 German M1916 \\\"Stalhelm\\\" Helmet with British Brodie Liner

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This is a fascinating WW1 German Model 1916 helmet with a twist. Identifiable by its ventilation lugs and rivets for both chin strap and liner band attachment, the helment retains traces of a past camoflague paint scheme, as per the official standard drawn up in 1918 stipulating that helmets should be painted in several colours, separated by a finger-wide black line, using colours relevant to the season, such as using green, brown and ochre. Evidence of a later black scheme is also present, possibly applied as part of a later re-issue. The biggest surprise however is the presence of a 1939 dated British "Brodie" helmet liner, affixed using the original German liner locating holes, with clear makers mark denoting it was made by Barrow Hepburn and Gale Ltd of London. Obviously modified by a skilled individual, the liner band has been shaped to fit the helmet perefctly. Whilst retaining the original metal M1916 chinstrap bales, the strap itself has been modified with rudimentary elastic tabs, perhaps to provide a degree of comfort to the wearer. With only a small degree of corrosion with 2 tiny perforations, this helmet has survived 105 years in lovely condition.

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