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Extremely rare Dyer & Robson model 1882 brass Very pistol

Extremely rare Dyer & Robson model 1882 brass Very pistol

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This is an extremely rare Dyer & Robson model 1882 brass Very pistol. This model was originally manufactured in 1882 for the US Navy with an estimated production of just 100 ever made. Small amounts were also made by British firm Dyer & Robson, Greenwich using a similar pattern and design. This example is serial number 48 and due to the very small amounts manufactured its safe to assume that this is one of a very small batch numbering less than a 100. The frame and barrel are stamped with the correct British proof markings for military issued weapons from this period. The model 1882 pattern was also the first flare pistol known to have been used by the British military. This most unusual pistol has a barrel that can swivel 360 degrees. The idea being that a cartridge can be inserted at either end, fired, barrel swivelled and then a new round loaded from the other end extracting the first spent cartridge. A very unique and rare pistol.

This pistol was issued and used by a member of the British armed forces during WW1 and passed down through several generations before being handed in after discovering it was a section 1 firearm!

It is currently still live and can be owned w3ith an FAC with the correct variation. We can deactivate to order with a full working action.

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