First World War Winchester P14 .410 Bolt Action Shotgun

First World War Winchester P14 .410 Bolt Action Shotgun

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This is a great condition WWI dated British issued P14 (Pattern 14). It was manufactured by Winchester and is dated 1917 with its original barrel and matching bolt. Winchester are estimated to have made around 235,448 P14s, by far the fewest of the three US manufactures during WWI production. The wood work has the PAT14 stamps and the front diopter and rear peed hole sights. "IW within a circle denotes that it was fitted with fine adjustment rear sights. The receiver has the British military broad arrow acceptance stamp and also has two broad arrow stamps (crows feet) facing each other with the letter S above. This indicates that this P14 was "sold out of service" after military service. This is a rare stamp found on a P14. The overall condition is very good as is the bore. It has an unrestricted magazine and can be held on an FAC or we can have it restricted so that it can be held on a shotgun license.

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