WWI Enfield SMLE MKIII .410 Bolt Action Shotgun

WWI Enfield SMLE MKIII .410 Bolt Action Shotgun

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This is an early First World War SMLE MKIII dated 1914 with matching bolt. Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield only produced 51,575 MKIII SMLE rifles in 1914. During the Great War this SMLE was repaired and in 1917 was fitted with a V.S.M. - Vickers, Sons & Maxim made barrel. In 1947 it was factory converted by the Royal Factory, Ishapore into a .410 single shot riot shotgun. The wood work is still in great condition and is the correct early pattern for fitment of the forward dioptor and rear peep hole sights. A very unique feature is the name on stock; "C J O Reilly". He obviously treasured this rifle and we suspect his name was added after he returned from the Great War. 

The bore is in superb condition throughout.

Currently this historic SMLE has an unrestricted magazine. It can therefore be held on an FAC in this configuration, or for an additional cost restricted magazine capacity for a section 2 shotgun license.

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