WWII German K98 Chambered in .410

WWII German K98 Chambered in .410

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Rarely seen, a Second World War K98 in .410 bolt action smooth bore configuration. This K98 was manufactured by Erfurt (ERMA) in 1940 using the secret makers code "ax". This code was only used that year by Erma who only produced limited numbers of K98's before the code was changed. The bolt bears the Eagle 6 acceptance stamp, this was only used by Simson who were contracted in 1920s and 1930s to converted WWI Gew98's into K98's for the Nazi's. More often than not Simson convertions were allocated to SS and other paramilitary groups. The solid Walnut wood work has the name "ANDRE" carved into it on the underside between the two barrel bands.

Currently this K98 has an unrestricted magazine. It can therefore be held on an FAC in this configuration, or for an additional cost restricted magazine capacity for a section 2 shotgun license.

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