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Dragunov NSZP-3 Night Vision Image Intensifier

Dragunov NSZP-3 Night Vision Image Intensifier

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This is a great condition Soviet designed Russian military Dragunov NSzP-3 Night Vision Image Intensifier in its matching transit case. It can also be fitted to the a variety of other Russian and communist block weaponry including the RPD, RPK and AK variants. Included is a steel transit case, canvas carry bag and straps, charging case, spare lens and tools/maintenance equipment. The Russians supplied the NSzP-3 to many of its satellite and communist nations during the Cold War and they still remain in service today. Ironically the Ukrainian military are now using these scopes against Russians in the current conflict/war.

This scope would be ideally suited for displaying on a deactivated Dragunov or other appropriate gun. We are unable to test the scope and it is being sold as is. However, it does look to have very little use and may well be fully operational.

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