Prussian Artillery short sword

Prussian Artillery short sword

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This is a rare and original early Imperial German Army Artillery short sword - Faschinenmesser (fascine knife) Model 1864, with its matched leather scabbard. Both are regimentally marked to the 9th Regiment of Artillery, 1st Company; weapon number 62 (9. A.1.62) The makers name is just visible on the blade. The spine of the blade is stamped with Gothic crowned "FW" (Friedrich Wilhelm, r. 1795-1861), "71" and crowned 'T'. The scabbard has brass mounts with imperial army ownership stamps. The stiff leather stitching is separating due to its age but is fundamentally sound. This is a very early example of this pattern of weapon, which was also carried by infantry of the line until introduction of the Mauser M71 rifle.

This sword was adopted in 1860 during the reorganization of the Prussian Army. They were issued to unmounted troops to be used as a tool for fortification construction, or close-quarters weapon for protection when armed with the Zündnadelgewehr (Dreyse needle-gun of 1841). It was withdrawn from the Infantry after the introduction of the Mauser M1871 rifle (with sword bayonet) but continued to be issued to Pioneer or Field Artillery personnel. It was also often used as a ‘walking-out’ sidearm.

The 9th (Schleswig) Field Artillery regiment was formed in 1866 under "General Field Marshal Graf Waldersee" .

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