Rare Hitler Youth Knife

Rare Hitler Youth Knife

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This is a rare early Hitler Youth Knife that dates to before 1934. Early examples have the motto on the blade "Blut und Ehre !" translated this means "Blood and Honor", with the makers name on the other side. This one was made by Herm. Konejung A-G. Solingen. Later models did not have this inscription. Another feature found only on early examples is the undefined hilt at the base of the blade. These knifes were used to arm both male and female members of the Hitler Youth and used by them in the field during combat. Often forgotten, during the last months of WWII Germany fielded entire divisions and regiments of youths to defend Germany and Berlin from the advancing Allied forces. In most cased these inexperienced youths were slaughtered by the Allied forces. The knifes were often taken as souvenirs. This particular example has been fitted with hand made wooden grips and still has the original leather hilt protector. The condition would also indicate that it has seen considerable service, and was only recently discovered by family members whilst sorting through a late relatives possessions and is believed to have been brought back by the gentleman whilst in military service.

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